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Mario de Elias running

Mario de Elias

Coaching Director and founder

Mario de Elias is a professional triathlete born in Argentina, known for his performances in triathlons and his role as a coach in various disciplines such as triathlon, cycling, running, and swimming.

His journey in the world of sports is marked by dedication, discipline, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As a triathlete, he has competed at the highest levels, demonstrating exceptional endurance and skill in swimming, cycling, and running. Mario was amateur world champion in 2008 in his age group leaving behind 22 pros. He's the only latin american that achieved a sub 8 Ironman in 2019 in Cozumel.

I have been a coach for high performance athletes for years. I want now to reach those athletes who don't have a structured plan and help them with their goals

In addition to his athletic career, Mario de Elias has also made significant contributions as a coach. He trains aspiring athletes in triathlon, cycling, running, and swimming, sharing his wealth of knowledge and experience with them. His coaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of holistic development, focusing not only on physical training but also on mental strength and strategic planning.

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