About Koha Sports

Koha Sports comes from the idea to bring top notch training to the age group triathlete. Our passion for the sport made us embark on a journey with a mission to improve lives of aspiring athletes.

Our Mission

Triathletes are over achievers, passionate and disciplined. We want to bring them a plan mixing science and technology to help them be at their best while balancing their life, family and work.

Our Koha team

Mario de Elias, a professional Argentinian triathlete, has made a name for himself in the world of triathlon. He is the only South American who has completed an Ironman in under 8 hours, a feat that speaks volumes about his dedication, discipline, and sheer willpower. But Mario's accomplishments don't stop at his personal records. He is also a seasoned coach, guiding athletes in triathlon, cycling, and swimming through his training company.

On the other hand, Rodrigo Asensio, passionated age group triathlete balances his love for the sport with a career in technology. He brings a unique perspective to the table. His participation in various triathlon events has given him firsthand experience of the challenges that athletes face, both on and off the field.

Our beginning

Recognizing a shared vision, Mario and Rodrigo joined forces to create Koha, a sports company that offers training plans with coach support. Drawing from Mario's expertise as a world-class athlete and coach, and Rodrigo's insights as a tech-savvy, Koha aims to provide comprehensive, personalized training programs for athletes of all levels.

Their story is a testament to the power of collaboration and the shared love for a sport. It's not just about crossing the finish line; it's about the journey, the community, and the shared experiences along the way. And through Koha, Mario and Rodrigo are bringing this vision to life, one training plan at a time.

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