Koha Training Plans

Pick your next race

Races are usually divided into 3 categories. A races which is your main races throughout the year. If you are an age-group, you might have 1,2 or up to 4 during the year. Now comes the B races. B races are for gain experience, test your fitness, test your equipment, your transition or just to have fun. Same as A races, you might have less than a handful of them. Usually they are shorter in distance and close by. You might have C races, but we don't see them that usual. If you are a beginner, you will probably have only 1 race. Your A race.

Pick your plan

At Koha we are working to bring the most diverse set of plans for all ages, levels and needs. Go to our plans's story and pick the one that fit your needs.

Apply your plan

Once you have your race picked up then you will pick the plan that is fit for your age, availability, race length, etc. Plans also have variability in weeks length. So, to help you pick your plan, also consider how many weeks / months away is your race.

Ready to reach your peak performance ?

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